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In a few months we will have been in business for 6 years but the dream started 22 years ago. In 1994 I started down the road of becoming an Entrepreneur. I could write a book about how many times I failed and maybe one day I will but today I simply wanted to capture a thought in the Red Alpha blog. 10 years ago Escalona & Associates came alive and it never really went anywhere. E&A is actually what I consider a parent, but I haven't yet revealed the Daddy company yet. E&A is who we use for our vendor relations and for our vehicle wrap financing. If you haven't noticed I am probably what you would call a serial entrepreneur. My main bread and Butter is Red Alpha Custom Prints but its kind of like the meme with the two rabbits holding on to the stalk of the carrot.. One has a big stalk but the carrot underneath is small and the other rabbit has a small stalk but the carrot underneath is huge. I been slowly creating and adding to, and working on being a better steward of all the ideas God has given me. Below is a list of companies that are in the Escalona & Associates family and what they are about. 

Red Alpha Custom Prints-T-shirt printing, Custom Embroidery, Vehicle Wraps

Red Alpha Promotions- Promotional Printing-Pens, Keychains, USB ports, pens, umbrella's etc

Soul Swoll-Clothing line inspired by music & art "If it soothes the sould, its Soul Swoll"

Bully Proof-Clothing line that takes on the mindset that "Enough with awareness, If we train good people to defend themselves, then they become Bully Proof"

Built 4 Christ- Built 4 Christ was a brand I acquired because I loved the concept of Christians treating their bodies like a temple and showing that bodybuilding and Christianity can coexist

Red Alpha Installers- A major part of vehicle wraps is installing so I developed a company that provides installs for other companies that need installs only

UnThug Life-This idea came to me when I decided to get a hair cut and had the barber put my logo on the back of my head. I said " Sorry to have UnThugged, this hair cut" and now Unthug is an anti-thug mindset with what might be perceived as a thuggish style. You either know or you don't know on this one :)

Armor of God Apparel -This is the oldest of our brands- We have a few designs including Casting Down Imaginations & Valley of the Shadow of death. This the opposite of sunshine and rainbows side of scripture. All these designs are inspired by the word of God and is geared towards the MMA & Heavy Metal audience . 

The 40's workout Challenge- A home workout program that revolves around a 40 day challenge designed to be a catalyst for people who have never worked out or has been away from exercise for a long time. 

Red Alpha Racing- The newest brand geared towards Dirt Track racing. 




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