10th Call Hustler

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The inspiration behind the 10th call hustle design is rooted in the desire to do whatever it takes to accomplish the goals I have set out to achieve. I have always had a knack for sales and over the years have found that I am comfortable selling face to face and online. I read a quote by Mark Cuban that said "Sales Cures All" and I'm glad to have found that to be true. I struggled in many areas but sales was never one of them. 

Last year about this time I started prospecting for new clients and I went old school in my approach. I started cold calling businesses and introducing myself and my company over the phone. I have always heard that it takes 90 days to build a solid sales pipeline so I wanted to see if I can figure out how many calls it would take for me to build one for my business.  I gave myself a daily goal of 10 calls a day and for a little over a month I was smilin and dialin, every day. I found that most people are pretty receptive to a call from someone that is not trying to sell them something. My approach is never to try and sell anything on the first call but one day things were different. 

I believe it was a Friday and just like every other day before I grab my coffee and figure out the businesses I planned on calling but for some reason this day I was on fire. I was catching people in a good mood and setting meetings with relative ease and around call #7 I felt like I didn't need to make any more calls but I went ahead and made two more calls. There I am at call #9 and I'm very happy with the results for the day and I didn't have a reason to make another call but something was telling me to make one more call and this is the moment I want to dive into.

I have learned that motivation will get you started but the discipline you create is what will keep you going long after the excitement fades away. I have heard that most businesses go out of business within 2-5 years. I can't speak for anyone else but when I got started the freedom almost got me. I came from working 9-5 for a living so the thought of being my own boss fed to my ego. Setting your own schedule is nice but you can't blame anyone other than yourself if you aren't closing business. I have always been disciplined and hard working but I needed to learn how to be disciplined for myself the same way I was when I was working for someone else. I no longer had to report to anyone or ask for time off but when you own your own business if you don't work you don't eat. Over the years I learned how to manage my time and follow through on things. I still have a long way to go but I'm proud of the progress I have made. 

So what does it mean to be a 10th call Hustler? It means that you don't settle for good when you know your destined for Greatness. I didn't realize that the idea of the 10th call hustler was in me until I was sharing my story at a networking group a couple weeks ago, I noticed how attentive people got as I shared my prospecting approach. It didn't take too long for the inspiration of this design and philosophy behind it to manifest. Now I'm just giving it to God and asking him to reveal to me what his will is for it. I know as long as God is in it then there is now way I can lose. 


Be Blessed and Nothing Less,

Ruben "The Rubester" Escalona 



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