Financing for your Commercial Wrap Needs

Posted by Ruben Escalona on

One of the most common decisions a new or growing business has to decide is where to put their marketing dollars to work. There is no doubt many of you have considered all the traditional channels for advertising and more and more business owners are turning to vehicle wraps. On average the cost per impression for vehicle wraps, meaning how many times people will see your advertising is the lowest cost.  Although this is a very good option for you are you prepared to make the investment? The average wrap will cost you anywhere from $1500-$3500 depending on the size of your vehicle and the coverage you are looking for. I believe that a diversified approach to marketing is the best option. It doesn't make sense to tie up all your marketing dollars on one strategy or like the old saying goes "all your eggs in one basket" This is where Red Alpha can help. We are one of the few if not only companies in Abilene that offers financing for both commercial and personal vehicles. With approved credit now instead of paying a lump sum you can enjoy a low monthly payment allowing you to use some of the dollars you had set aside for marketing and explore other options or maybe wrap a vehicle and get a sign or windows for your commercial location all of which can be financed. So before you make a commitment think about this financing option. It could be one of the greatest decisions you make for your business. 



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