Social Media Warning Sign: Smile for the Camera

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Get ready to make a statement with our Social Media Warning Sign - the perfect addition to any home or office decor! With its bold and humorous design, this sign is sure to grab attention and make people smile.

Featuring the message "Smile for the Camera Because Before We Call the Cops We're Going to Put Your Face on All Our Social Media Channels", this sign is both witty and practical. Use it to warn potential troublemakers or simply to add a touch of humor to your space - either way, it's a must-have for anyone with a sense of humor and an eye for unique decor.

Crafted from high-quality materials, our Social Media Warning Sign is perfect for hanging in your home, office, or even in a storefront window.

We offer this sign as a poster or mounted on coroplast (yard sign material) or aluminum composite 

All three options come in a 12x18 size. 

So why wait? Add a touch of humor and personality to your space with our Social Media Warning Sign today!