Learn More About Direct to Garment or DTG Printing


Direct to Garment or DTG is a printing process that uses a wide format printer specifically engineered to print waterbased ink formulated to sit on top of a garment with the help of a special pretreat solution. 

About our set up: We currently have 1 DTG printers an Epson F2100 commercial printer that is  capable of printing full color images on light and dark garments. 

See our printers at work(more videos to come)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yt1R1NfbqvE


1. When should I consider DTG over Screen printing. 

A. DTG works best when you have a full colored graphic that you want printed or a photo but you only want a couple shirts.

*There are limitations to DTG though and we will be sure to let you know up front if we can not match the colors you need. The printers are CMYK printers so most colors are possible but chrome, fluorescents, and Neon colors are hard to do. 

2. What is the best file type to submit my artwork?

A. PNG with a transparent background sized to the print size and a minimum of 150dpi is preferred but we can accept, EPS, & AI files. 

3. Do you charge per color with DTG? 

A. No. With DTG there are no screens to set up. The printer uses a CMYK process to print virtually any color and prints white as an underbase for dark garments. Price is calculated based on Size, location, light or dark garment, and machine time. 

4. Is there a minimum order requirement?

A. No. DTG is perfect for orders of 5 or less. 

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