Walking Dead Season 7 Finale

Posted by Ruben Escalona on

The Walking dead season 7 season finale is a few days away and I'm already looking past the finale. I'm a fan of both the comics and the show. I know that the show does not follow the comic page by page but I do have a few predictions.

I don't think the season finale will be "All out war" That is way too much material to cover in one episode. I do believe that we will see Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom gathering. It just makes sense. They can't just rush into war with the saviors without some sort of strategy. They have captured Dwight and we first need to sort out whether or not he can be trusted. Between him and Daryl we should have a pretty good layout of the Savior  compound. Number of soldiers, weapons and weak points etc. 

Then we have to get the leadership in the Hilltop situated. Maggie is clearly being set up to take over but how will they deal with Gregory? Will he be killed once he reaches the saviors? That is assuming that he follows through with his plan. Is he the little bird that Negan was telling Sasha about or was it Eugene? 

There are so many things to think about I'm just anxious to see how it all plays out. I'm also looking forward to the 4th Compendium of the comics to come out. I have read the first three and am tempted to just pick up the comics. I hate not knowing whats next. :)

Lastly you might notice the image I used. I made this up. I know that the Kingdom, Alexandria, and the Hilltop all desire to build a new world. A world to where everyone is working together and contributing to the betterment of the new world society. What if Negan was on board? What would be his profession? Negan's Law firm is just as believable as anything else. I just thought the slogan was funny. LOL 



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